OFFICERS LIST (Automated Production System)

Division of Automated Production System (APS) was established according to QĐ 03/QĐ-SME of the Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, dated February 10, 2022. APS Division currently has 07 staff members, including 2 associate professors, 3 doctors, 1 master and 1 engineer. Forerunner, APS Division is one of the four core divisions to build and develop the department of mechatronics engineering and is now the Department of Mechatronics.

The field of training activities of the professional division is to provide knowledge and skills in the field of APS for Industry 4.0 so that learners have the capacity to experience in automation, programmed production using PLC, CNC and industrial robot, sensors, machine vision, actuators, industrial communication and system integration on the principle of ensuring 3 flows “Signals – Materials – Energy”. The APS consists of modules with different functions linked together by electrical, mechanical and pneumatic – hydraulic quantities to perform a real industrial process such as material supply/distribution, product classification, machining/processing and storage.

Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Giang Nam


Group of Automatic Production System

Room 814 – TQB, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Tel: (04) 2.438.696.165