OFFICERS LIST (Mechanical Systems Design Engineering)

The teaching and research group of Mechanical System Design Engineering consists of 13 staff members, including 1 associate professor, 8 doctorates and 4 masters.

The group are specialized in the following areas:

  • Machine Design and Design Automation.
  • Material Hoisting and Handling Machine, Elevator.
  • Design, optimization and simulation of micro mechanism, MEMS devices; Study on micro structures, micro robot, micro motor and micro pump; Silicon/polymer-based micro-machining technologies; Micro mechanics and micro friction; Stability and Control of MEMS actuators/devices; Smart actuators and soft actuators;
  • Internal combustion engines; Free piston linear; Solenoid injectors applied for CNG vehicles; Electric pressure regulators applied for CNG vehicles; CNG injection system using a combination of solenoid gas injector and electric pressure regulator applied for CNG vehicles; Electric bicycles.
  • Solid Mechanics; Materials and Structures; Numerical Method; Soft Robotic; Dynamics of Machine; MEMS and NEMS; Physics, Molecular Dynamics.
  • Rotor-dynamics.
  • Dynamics of advanced material structures.
  • Condition monitoring and Fault diagnostics for machinery and equipment; Machine dynamics and vibrations; Vibration and acoustics reduction for machinery; Machine learning and Deep learning for fault diagnostics.
  • Support Vector Machine and Neural network.
  • Robotics.


Group of Mechanical Systems Design Engineering


Tel: 02438680101

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