General Information

With the mission of developing and exploiting domestic and foreign cooperation network resources with educational, research and business partners, in recent years, School of Mechanical Engineering has been strengthening its relationships with Universities, research institutions and businesses … Every year, the School has bilateral and multilateral activities with university partners in the world such as: exchange programs for scholars as well as students. with schools: Griffith University (Australia); University of Leibniz Hannover (Germany); Nagaoka University (Japan) Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT-Japan)…. From these cooperation, the Institute has maintained joint training programs with the above partners. Mechatronic training programs with partners are Nagaoka University (NUT), Leibniz University of Hannover and Mechanical Engineering training program with Griffith School. This is a very good opportunity for the students of the School to have the opportunity to study and work in these countries in their final years as well as after graduation. In addition, every year, the School also has dozens of lecturers and students participating in research exchange programs such as postdoc studies for lecturers, Global Project-Based Learning Program (GPBL program) and Sakura with SIT partner (Japan). in 2019, the Institute had 51 foreign visitors visiting and working with the Institute; receiving 36 international students to study and exchange; 23 lecturers studying abroad … In addition, through international activities, the Institute has also attracted many resources for training and scientific research such as: in 2018 and 2019, the School received Funding about 3 million yen for the construction of a Welding Laboratory sponsored by Jica and Nagaoka University. In addition to cooperation with partners that are foreign educational institutions, the Institute also strengthens cooperation activities with partners that are domestic schools and institutes. Some of these partners are as follows: -NARIME Mechanical Research Institute; Military Technical Institute; Thuy Loi University….

It can be said that cooperation relations is a very important mission and is promoting the effect of motivating external resources to support the training and research of the School’s teachers / students. In the new phase, the School always wishes to develop more deeply with partners, which can be mentioned some of the following cooperation directions:

  • Cooperation in training: experience exchange, learning and research activities (Seminar, talk show …) with companies, businesses as well as Universities and Institutes; Internship activities, student exchange, etc.
  • Technology transfer research activities: Focusing on promoting the strengths of each party (School and Enterprise), thereby offering solutions, proposing solutions for businesses.