School of Mechanical Engineering has laboratories for almost all areas of training expertise.

Laboratories are equipped with laboratory machines and equipment, and well-trained instruction staffs

Below is a list of the School’s laboratories:

  • Robot Laboratory,
  • Laboratory of machine tools,
  • Laboratory of Friction,
  • Software room,
  • Production laboratory,
  • Mechatronics Laboratory,
  • Computer-assisted Integrated Production Systems Lab – CIM,
  • Mechanical Measurement Laboratory,
  • Laboratory of Engineering Mechanics,
  • Material strength laboratory,
  • Welding Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of industrial tools,
  • Laboratory of Optical and Precision Mechanics,
  • Laboratory of Material and Structural Mechanics,
  • Lab of Machine & Robot Design Facility.
Here are pictures of some Lab’s equipments:
Location: 1st floor, building B1
Mission: support training, research, technology transfer.

2. Machine tool Lab

3. Lab of Measure Technique

Location: 213 – C5

Mission: Supporting teaching and researching.

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S544 CMM:

Mitutoyo CV-2100 Contracer:

Nikon 6D-LED Autocollimator:

Thorlabs Michelson Interferometer:

4. Digital factory Lab

Location: 11st Floor , D8 Building

From the school year 2021, the School of Mechanical Engineering will be put Lab into operation and used for training and research in the digital factory laboratory. This is a well-invested and methodical laboratory with a complete software system to simulate the entire product development life cycle.


5.  SAHEP Lab

Location: 5th Floor, T Bulding

Starting from the school year 2021, In addition to the digital factory laboratory, the School of Mechanical Engineering also added a laboratory of the SAHEP project to serve students majoring in Mechatronics.