OFFICERS LIST (Intelligent mechatronics System)

The specialized academic group Intelligent Mechatroncis currently has 7 staff members, including 1 associate professor, 5 doctorates, 1 masters (is PhD student).

The field of activity of the specialized group is training in the following areas:

  • Research robot systems: autonomous vehicles, drones, robotic arms
  • Image processing algorithms and applications
  • Intelligent and optimized control algorithms
  • Build 3D maps and SLAM algorithms,
  • Artificial intelligence application in smart robots
  • Application of robots in agricultural / industrial applications
  • Apply neural and fuzzy network to control robot (Apply neural and fuzzy network to control robot)
  • Algorithms for swarm robots
  • Control the robot arm with brain waves
  • Humanoid robot and bio-mechatronics system
  • Studying on dynamics of mechatronic systems
  • Resesarch and control vibration of systems under environment excitation.
  • Resesarch and control Teleoperation system
  • Application of soft computing and Hedge Algebras theory in control and optimization of mechanic models.
  • Autofocusing system in laser-based technology
  • 3D shape measurement
  • Smart Mechatronics
  • Application of mechatronics in processing and manufacturing
  • Consult and design K-12 STEM/STEAM education program and laboratory.
  • Consult and design K-12 Elearning and Blended Learning education program


Leader group: Assoc. Dr. Mac Thi Thoa

Room813-Ta Quang Buu, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Tel: (04) 38,692.331
Fax: (04) 38,684.342